for boysandsquirrels

Why is it called that?

  • because i can

What is today but yesterday’s tomorrow?

  • yes today is yesterday’s tomorrow yes

Have you ever done drugs?

  • nopenopenope

Squares or chairs?

  • definitely chairs. they’re nice to sit on and stuff

Did you go through the obligatory 7th grade scene/emo phase?

  • that happened in 6th grade lolwat

If you had a son and a daughter, what would you name them?

  • son: mitchell / daughter: imogen

Would you ever date someone with tattoos?

  • yeah man i ain’t gonna discriminate

What is your all time favorite album?

  • a flair for the dramatic by pierce the veil ooorrrr floral green by title fight

What do you want to do when you’re older?

  • i want to do awesome things and go places n’ stuff

Have you seen black kid at a rave?

  • what is that

Did you just go watch black kid at a rave (the answer to this should be yes)?

  • OOOHH BUT I DIDN’T BECAUSE i’m too lazy what

wow i would tag other people but i’m too lazy to make my own questions and tag other people so that’s the dillio

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